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It’s Time for Some Bad Poetry (TM)

I started writing poetry in college and continued the practice throughout my twenties and even into my thirties. They were often spur-of-the-moment flashes of writing; I got them out and then walked away, rarely going back to edit or change them. I recently started writing it again. With no formal poetic training, they're all over… Continue reading It’s Time for Some Bad Poetry (TM)

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Complete the Story: Writing Exercises to Flex the Imagination

This past weekend, my husband and I were at Barnes and Noble. My particular store has a large discount section, and I was doing my normal circuit (because of course I have a B&N circuit) when I found this: Look! A notebook waiting to be filled! *Swoon* At the top of each page is a… Continue reading Complete the Story: Writing Exercises to Flex the Imagination

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Short Story Excerpt: The Fourth Floor

A lot of my short story ideas come from dreams. I tend to have some pretty fucked up dreams, so my writing tends to be on the darker side. I also make no secret about the fact that Stephen King writes some of my favorite short stories, ever. Okay, books too if we're being honest.… Continue reading Short Story Excerpt: The Fourth Floor

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Artist’s Prayer

Last year, I was in a "crisis of faith." I was coming to the end of my career in massage therapy, and I was struggling with what I wanted/needed to do next. I felt like I'd been denying a part of myself for most of my adult life, stifling my creativity and telling myself grown-ups… Continue reading Artist’s Prayer

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Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for joining me in my new blog. I have two others, which you can find here and here. Why, if I already have two blogs, am I doing a third? Because . . . well, because why not? I have written all my life. I can never remember a time I wasn't writing… Continue reading Hello and Welcome!